Thursday, January 17, 2013

Platinum Studios all that glitters isn't gold

Well this is interesting Platinum Studios the comic book publisher with the main aim is print comics to turn to film or TV shows is going through some crazy times right now.  Not only is it stock worth less then a penny.  But going by bleeding cool the president and CEO of the company are going at each other trying to get the other removed from the company (and it seems like the CEO Rosenberg got the former president of the company fired)

The odd thing that Chris Beall made fair case on why they should get rid of Rosenberg (he's been using the company's money for personal reasons and has a number of lawsuits.)

Could it be the reason that Rosenberg stayed was to keep the rights to awesome comics which would go if he went according to the fillings this SEC filing?

or is it because he owns over half of the company?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

help Gary Friedrich

In case you haven't heard the creator of the modern version of Ghost Rider has been sued by Marvel comics because he was selling ghost rider art at conventions and stated that he was the creator of Ghost Rider

So Steve Nile has started a fund raiser for Gary Friedrich

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

will the WGA start protecting comic book writers

Over at ladies creating comics Alexa Dickman has posted a letter she sent to the WGA (both their east and west branches)  asking for the WGA (writer guild of America) to protect the writes of comic book writers.  For those who may not know the WGA is the union for writers that are working in TV and Film.

No word yet if the WGA has responding to her request but it is an interesting ideal and as she points out the industires are becoming more and more connected.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I just saw a commercial for DC comic relaunch and this is my response

The other night or giving the time early yesterday morning I was watching the comic continuum show, a local show (I guess it’s local) that talks about things related to comics, movies, video games etc. Ok every so often they talk about comics but the main focus is movies (usually the kind based on comic but always the stuff nerds want to see)

Anyway while watching this show I saw the commercial for DC comics and my first reaction was “cool I think this is one of the commercial DC is putting out to promote their reboot, I had a feeling that I would see this ad on this show.” But after watching the ad the feeling of “hey cool” quickly turned to the feeling of being under whelmed.

First I don’t really think giving slight motion’s to pretty static images of DC’s character is really that appealing. Now I realize comics don’t leaned themselves to commercials that well. I mean they are just still pictures with words. Movies and TV shows you can just show some clips, a video game a bit of game play, ect. What are going to do with a comic book show a few pages? Well I think that would have been a better ideal then bouncing a picture of Wonder Woman and Batman around.

But the truth is that is not why I think this commercial wasn’t good. The problem I had was that I only knew what the commercial was about because I’ve read all the stuff online about this relaunching. But if I was someone that didn’t read comics I would be wonder what do they mean about “DC the new 52.” The ad gave no information. A person watching the commercial wouldn’t know that DC is somewhat rebooting it self and that this would be a good time to start reading comics because they are starting everything over from the start. Giving that DC says they want to bring in new readers those are some of the things they need to do. DC’s marketing people needed to make sure those ads told people that this is a good time to start reading comics because they can get on at the ground floor.

The sad thing is that some of the ads done by local comics shops that ran on the show where much better and DC is a part of a giant media company.

Maybe it would have been better to just have some people dressed up as DC characters telling people that they have a brand new comic series coming out and issue one is on sale now.

What I did find interesting (in an inside baseball short of way) is that ad ends with saying you can get DC comics at a certain comic shop. I wonder how much money that shop put in to co-sponsor that ad, I wonder how much DC did and I’m guessing that the reason DC joining with local shops is not only to save money but are giving that local shop the power of where to place the ads in their local areas. I also wonder if only one shop in an area can run these commercials or can anyone do it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

DC lack of women creators and a simple solution to how they can fix it.

Recently DC comics has been getting a lot of negative news due to the lack of women writing comics for DC post relaunch. The number will drop to just a hand full of women writers to just two. That’s a sad fact indeed but due to the low number of women that where writing for the main DCU before this the fact that they will only have two or less woman writing for them isn’t too surprising. A sad fact but not surprising because the comic book pro has been largely White dudes.

The comic industry has long been in need of increasing it’s diversity both in the characters they show and the creators they hire (as well as editors, marketing staff etc., etc.) and that is one of the things that DC has said they will be doing with this reboot. I don’t know the break down of the ethnicities of the people that well be writing for DC after this reboot but in terms of gender diversity they are taking a step back instead of ahead. Even though the people running DC realize they need to increase their diversity more they are still a little slow in doing so (at least behind the scenes,) But this isn’t where DC really dropped the ball on this issue.
Where DC really dropped the ball was at Comic-con, where at a panel a woman dress as Batgirl along with her kid dressed as Spoiler asked a panel made up of Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Grant Morrison about the fact that their was only one woman writing for them after their relaunch. Instead of responding to the woman professionally, the panel was dismissive of her point and mockingly rude toward her. Dan Didio told her they only picked the best scripts. Which maybe true but is one of those things that still doesn’t sound good when you think of the issue at hand, since it could be taken that their where no good women writers for them to publish. Responses like that reflected negatively on DC.

But here’s the thing after this story broke out the internerd there started to be a few reports that DC actually did talk to at least a few women comic pros to work on some relaunched titles. Some of them had other jobs at the time, other pitches just didn’t get picked. If DC just said “we actually did contact take a number of women writers, but we where able to come to any deals in time for the relaunch.” Then this thing may have played out a lot differently.

But sadly they didn’t and so what DC needs to do now is some good PR spinning. The first thing they need to do is issue an apology and then a dress the issue at. DC comics needs more diversity in their writing staff. At the very least DC should take a page out of Marvel’s book and release an anthology comic featuring all women creators (and maybe characters,) a new Sensational comics title would be fine if they want to use an old comic book title. While they are at it DC could have a few other anthology books as training ground for new and up coming writers and artist.