Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Heads of DC

There have been some changes in DC Entertainment's executive board today.

Jim Lee is no co-publisher of DC along with Dan DiDio. Geoff Johns is now the DC comics' Chief Creative Officer. John Rood is now the EVP of Marketing and Business development and Patrick Caldon is the Finance and Administration EVP.

I'm sure most comic book fans will be focused on the fact that Geoff Johns is now the creative force of DC and Jim Lee is co-publisher. And even thought I do find that part very interesting what peaks my interest in this change is John Rood.

Why? It seems that comics could always do a better job at marketing themselves (or at least to those who aren't already comic book fans) and looking at the companies Rood's has either worked for (Disney/ABC family, Warner) or worked with while he worked at a marketing firm (Miller, McDonald's and Burger King)it seems DC may have someone who knows how to market to the general public. Now lets see how well Rood can market DC comics.