Thursday, June 30, 2011

my view on the DC reboot

Well I know everyone knows that DC is relaunching the DCU.

some people hate the ideal and some people just wonder why DC is doing it?

I actually liked the ideal when I first saw the news, I thought it was ballsy for DC to start everything over new and fresh but the news started to leak that's not a full reboot but just a relaunch with some changes and my interest went down a bit.

I was hoping for a golden age to silver age type reboot of new character that happen to have the names and powers of older characters not a zero hour reboot.

Then DC released what some of the new titles will be and their creative them, which brought mixed feelings. There where a few books and creative teams that I think sound great but then there are a number characters getting titles but with writers I'm meh about.

while some nerd are so upset they are strking comic-con I still have a wait and see view on all this.