Monday, August 18, 2008

Dark Knight made Robert Downey Jr feel dumb

in a recent interview for, star of the Iron Man movie, Robert Downey Jr stated that he felt the Batman movie the Dark Knight was to fast and intellectual.

He then cursed DC comics.

I'm happy that giving the box office numbers not to many people share Downey's dislike of the latest Batman film.

But I think it's funny that we get a Batman movie that is closer to the comic then say the 60's TV show and people (who normal see comics as being dumb kids fair) think the film is to smart (or in most cases violent)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

why teens/young adult like manga over american comics

it's not news to people who know comics that comics (at least American) sells to teens has been lagging for sometime.

while Manga has gone through a big explosion among teenagers (of course that peak may or may not have been reached yet)

there has been much talk about why that is among both comic pros and comic fans.

wanting to find a good answer, over the weekend I did a very unscientific poll to find the answer.

last Sunday I posted a question on yahoo answers to find out what do teens and young adults find appealing in manga/anime that they don't find in American comics.

I got a 6 responses back

3 young ladies said they like manga because it is more diverse then american comics which they feel are just super hero titles.

2 people out of that 3 think manga's art is better.

one person says that he like manga because it is more violent and risque

and one guy who thanks american comics are over used and doesn't like all the different universe versions of characters (like the ultimate marvel line) He also doesn't like the fact that you have to follow more then one title to get the story. He also stated that he feels american comics have to much talking and not enough action.

and one guy who made fun of everyone else who answered.

I put the question up for voting (if you haven't used Y!A people pick the best answer to a question). right now the guy who mocks everyone is in the lead which jacked up what I was hoping for since I really wanted to find which of those response people agreed with the most.

yes we who read comics know it is more then just superheroes but giving that half of the respondents didn't know that I think that shows a big problem comics have and that is getting the public to know comics are more then just men in tights.