Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Team up Kyle Baker & Shaq

Cartoonist Kyle Baker is partnering up with the man of steel the other man of the one that played Steel in the movie...that's right basketball player Shaquille O'Neil.

ok Kyle Baker and Shaq are starting a studio that will produce books, cartoons, games and more. These things wont just be based on Baker's work but others as well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I think comic book pros need to meet more Black people

So Marvel is introducing a new Hulk in their Ultimate line of comics and the new Hulk happens to be Black.

Here he is

Which reminds me of when Marvel put out the Cage mini series under their Max line.

and I have to wonder

Have to wonder was the last time people working in the comic book industry seen a Black person was in a rap video in 1989?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cry for Justice, Weep for DC and it's fans

The last issue of the Justice League mini-series Cry for Justice came out yesterday.

Now that the series is done I would like to ask the question "Is there anyone that actually liked this comic?"

Since the series begin I don't remember hearing or reading anyone say that this was a good series. Instead everyone seems to be talking about how bad the comic was and the last issue has giving people even more stuff for everyone to hate.

The thing is that even thought it seems everyone hates Cry for Justice the mini series has been selling pretty well. I haven't seen the sales for issue 7 yet but here is the sales figures for the first 6 issues (thanks to the beat)

07/2009: Cry for Justice #1 of 6 -- 68,317 [72,719]
08/2009: Cry for Justice #2 of 6 -- 54,553 (-20.2%) [58,829]
09/2009: Cry for Justice #3 of 7 -- 54,726 (+ 0.3%)
10/2009: Cry for Justice #4 of 7 -- 54,386 (- 0.6%)
11/2009: Cry for Justice #5 of 7 -- 52,400 (- 3.7%)
12/2009: --
01/2010: Cry for Justice #6 of 7 -- 49,193 (- 6.1%)
6 months: -28.0%

Yet sales have been going down on the book but the title was still the 24th top selling comic book in January.

It's because of this even though I would like DC and Marvel to come up with better comics I realize they wont. Because as much as people say they don't like the series many comic fans are still buying it.

Plenty of people seem to be feed up with the grim and gritty story telling that has returned to comics but with less charm then it had in the 90's. But as a business DC smart to keep going with this type of story because all the shock seems to get people talking about the book and more importantly keep on buying or at least more fans pick this up then say an issue of Booster Gold, Power Girl or Guardians of the Galaxy or even better yet all the indie comics being made by people. Instead of buying books like Cry for Justice maybe by something better.