Thursday, January 17, 2013

Platinum Studios all that glitters isn't gold

Well this is interesting Platinum Studios the comic book publisher with the main aim is print comics to turn to film or TV shows is going through some crazy times right now.  Not only is it stock worth less then a penny.  But going by bleeding cool the president and CEO of the company are going at each other trying to get the other removed from the company (and it seems like the CEO Rosenberg got the former president of the company fired)

The odd thing that Chris Beall made fair case on why they should get rid of Rosenberg (he's been using the company's money for personal reasons and has a number of lawsuits.)

Could it be the reason that Rosenberg stayed was to keep the rights to awesome comics which would go if he went according to the fillings this SEC filing?

or is it because he owns over half of the company?