Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama fights in an alien war and becames a barbarian,

we've already seen the president make guest appearances in Spider-Man, Savage Dragon and Youngblood comics as well as a few biography comics.

now Devil Due comics is getting into the game as they announced that they will release two comics starring the president of the united states.

Drafted: 100 days ties into the companies Drafted series in which earth is in a war with an alien race. in this one shot we will fallow the adventures of Obama...who because this story takes place in an alternate reality, isn't the president and he is also mute.

the other comic is Barack the Barbarian. Which kinda of takes the president and cast him in a Conan type figure. In this story Barack must save America which as been over taken by "overpaid despots of the time". Unlike the Drafted one shot this series is planned to be an ongoing comic book series.

my first reaction is that this is all going to far...but I have to be honest I may check out the Barack the Barbarian comic