Thursday, May 29, 2008

silly logic: not ording low selling comics will mean stores will sell more

in a recent ICv2's Confessions of a Comic Book Guy column, Steve Bennett is asking retailers to stop ordering comics from the big 2 that sell less then 15,000 copies.

His reasoning is that he thinks that this might help increase sells on other titles and he doesn't understand why DC and Marvel put these books out.

Let me break it down for you steve

The reason Marvel and DC keep putting out new titles is because they think they can sell. These characters either have fans or the company thought they might be able to create something new and build a fanbase for it.

this is a good thing.

Now as we can see a lot of things don't sell as well as they would hope. But people still buy the books maybe not as many people reading x-men or JSA but they have there readers.

as long as book has enough readers it should still be printed, now once it doesn't make a profit...then I say kill that sucker.

Now the ideal of stores not ordering these low selling titles will help increase sells of other books is something I am having a hard time following.

there might be a slim chance of the fan on these low selling books will simply buy another book if the book they like is no longer published but really that is not 100%.

The fan might already be reading some of the big selling titles and not pick up a new title to replace the one he was reading or that low selling book might be the only comic this fan buys and once that is gone he has no reason for returning to the store.

so canning the book could lead to a retailer making less sales not more.

and as you stated retailers now what they are doing, the reason these title sell so low is because the retailers knows that there isn't much demand for them but they are sure they can sell a few copies of the book.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rory Roth: we will miss you

I am sadden that my first offical post has to be about bad news but Rory Roth has passed away.

for those who didn't know Rory Root was the owner of THE comic book store Comic Relief. he was a ground breaker in comic book retail and a very nice guy.

I've never meet the man in real life but he did post on some forums I go to but even though I only kinda of knew him I am still saddened by the news of his death.

the last part of the link trilogy will I do a prequel?

maybe? but for right now lets see how much space I can fell here first

this is the space in between the panels

this is the space in between the panels


I'm just setting a few pages a side for links