Friday, May 29, 2009

Dwayne McDuffie fired off of JLA for telling fans the truth

It seems that writer Dwayne McDuffie has recently been let go from writing Justice League of America because he gave a little to much information about some of the things that go behind the scenes in the comic book biz.

almost a month after lying in the gutter collected a number of comments Mr. McDuffie posted on DC comics own message boards over a 2 year period when he talked about things like the stories he had to change because of editors, or the character he wanted was being used in another book etc.

it's a shame that DC decided to do this. He didn't say anything negative about DC comics or the editors he worked with, his comments where basically things like I had to cut this story short because we need the book to tie into a big event cross-over or I couldn't use this or that character because he or she or it was being used by someone else and so they where off limits.

The odd thing is that these comments where posted on DC's message board and so one would think that if they had a problem with him telling to much someone would have seen his post over the last 2 years and could have told him keep it down if they didn't want this type of info out.

I think JLA editors made a stupid decision to fire a talented writer for a dumb reason.

But on his board Dwayne is taking this all well he stats he has lots of work, with a number of other projects such as the TV show Ben 10 and a new Milestone project.

his says he is only sad that he doesn't get to finish is plans which included a JLA centered big event next year and his storyline with Black Canary.

I'm distressed by where I left Black Canary, as my intention was to use the current subplot to strengthen her character and relationships with the new membership

he was also sad over the fact that they finally gave him a regular artist for him to work with instead of the revolving door of artist he had one his run.

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