Monday, August 31, 2009

Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse setting in a tree...M...E...R...G....E...R

It has just been released today that The Walt Disney Company has bought The Marvel Entertainment Company (Marvel Comics)

I was shocked when I first read the news.

But I think I can see some reason for the corporate take over.

Marvel has had a lot of success recently with their movies and the company does like to bring up the fact that they have loads of characters (5,000) which I am sure looks good to Disney since it this would be more sources of revenue for Disney which has seen a bit of a down turn recently (bad economy equals less people coming to their theme parks)

And on Marvel's end it makes since they would want to be bought by one of the worlds largest entertainment companies. Disney has master licensing and has many outlets they can put Marvel characters...or the current owners of Marvel just wanted to cash out.

Also oddly enough I guess this balances out the fact that Warner Bros owns DC comics

But know I wonder how will this effect both companies.

Will Disney change the way Marvel does business or impose creative control on the types of things Marvel can do?

Will Marvel now publish comics based on Disney characters?

I could also see DC using Marvel as a brand aimed at Teens. the way Disney is seen as a brand aimed at kids and family focused media and has the brand Miramax for movies that are aimed at adults and ESPN for sports fans.

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