Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top 6 gimmick covers that should have been done during the 90's

Recently it seems like gimmick covers are making a comeback.

With marvel recently coming out with foilogram (foil + hologram) covers on the first issue of their relaunched ultimate comics and the fact that Marvel's VP of sales says "This is the 90's
done right
" I started to to think about gimmick covers on comics that came out when I was a kid and decided to list the top things I was surprise that actually never where used in gimmick covers.

this is my top list in no real order

6. Metal Letters for the comic's tittle.

why? During the 90's I notice a bit of clothing (usually Hats some t-shirts) that used metal (or something that looked metallic) was used for lettering. Now I'm not talking about metallic ink, which where actually used during the 90's gimmick boom, but actual metal letters pasted onto the comic.

5. tie dye comic book covers
well since we are talking about fashion form the 90's tie dye did make a come back around that time. It also has a bounces since tie dye was big in the 60's and 70's which works great since there is a segment of fans that always won't to back to the types of stories (or just the characters) that where around then.

4. motion cover
you remember getting cards usually in cracker jack or cereal boxes that when you moved the card side to side slightly the picture on the card would change.

I was always surprised that no one thought of using this for a comic book cover.

3. video game cover
OK, I don't mean video game on the level you would get on your xbox 360 or even SNES (or even NES) I was thinking over the type of game tiger direct made or nintendo's watch games.

2. scratch and sniff covers.
Scratch and Sniff stickers where big when I was a little kid growing up in the 80's. So the technically was there in the 90's to make scratch and sniff comic covers and at a reasonable price (unlike my video game cover ideal)

1. Spinners!!!
Your comic is staying still but the wheels keep spinning. Hey it works for cars!!!

Now giving there where so many gimmick covers on the comics that came out during the 90's I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of those ideals where actually used by some small company trying to get us gimmick crazed kids to buy their comic. if you know of any comic that used any of these ideals feel free to point them out to me.

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