Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indy Comic Book Week

I've been meaning to post about this for a while but for one reason or another I haven't had the chance to yet.

There currently is small movement to make the week of December 30 indy comics week.

The reason that week is picked is because Diamond the major distributor for comic books wont be shopping that week even though that been a pretty good week for some retailers, but Diamond says that during that time it's harder to get things shipped to some time zones during this time.

So the people behind Indy Comic book week thought this was a great time to push indy comics. They have called out for comic book creators to have something new to sell on that that and are also trying to get retailers to stock the indy books as that weeks new comics.

The ideal is that most of the time when you go into a comic book store the new comics section is usually mostly comics from the bigger comic book companies (Marvel and DC mainly) and this well provided at least on day of the year where when someone walks into a comic book store they will see a wall of titles from small publishers.

I think it's a great ideal, I personally would like to have something out for the event but the way things are going I probably wont have it done in time.

Giving that it's nearly the end of October, I'm sorry I didn't give creators who may run across this post more time, but you can create something (or already have something in the works) and get it printed in a quick in time, I say go for it. Though if any retailers see this there is still plenty of time to join in.

I wish these guys the best of luck. If you want more info check out their blog and site

oh here is a post form there blog with some promo videos for this event

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Vinh-Luan Luu said...

Thanks for the posting! We really appreciate your support in the event.