Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heroes or Monsters

So my brother's wife bought a few old posters with Marvel super heroes on them for their kid. You know a mix of Marvel characters together in your standard action pose looking as they are running into battle.

Tbe problem my 3 year old nephew thinks they are monsters. Which leaves his mother feeling a bit bad that she got posters that he seems a little bit scared of and wondering why is she able to find underwear for him where the same characters are happy but posters where they are looking all angry.

I guess that's the problem marketing the same characters to different age groups. The poster she got was aimed at older comic fans (and by older we talking pre-teens and up) while she's looking for something aimed at young kids.

I guess I should look for some marvel super-hero squad and tiny titans (do they make any?) posters for JR.

I also learn that spider-man is perfect for licensing products because you don't have to worry about small things like having him smile or gritting his teeth may turn off a fan base (or scare them in this case)

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