Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So long Wildstorm and thinks for all the wildcats and more DC news

DCE has closed up shop on the Wildstorm line and ZUDA. The main Wildstorm line will more likely return under the DC banner, The licensed titles definitely will. It is unknown yet what the future of the creative own books Wildstorm publishes will be.

There has been a rumor that DC will be moving to the west coast and shut down their New York offices because they want DC closer to WB as they start to make more proprieties in other media related to DC comics. Will that rumor is only partly true, DC is not shutting down it New York office but DC is opening a new office in California to work on DCE stuff in other media.

The Burbank office will also house DC digit comics department and that is where many of Wildstorm's editors will land.

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