Sunday, July 6, 2008

DC big event season change

A few days ago I talked about the fact that DC’s Final Crisis wasn’t doing as well in the sells as most people expected it to and how much more Marvel’s Secret Invasion sold.

And the I released that for the most part Marvel always out sales DC and with the big events that is also usually the same. The last time DC had a book at the number one spot was when it released Infinite Crisis.

The reason it was the number one title when it was released was the one-two punch of being a big even mini series and the fact that Marvel didn’t have a big event at the same time.

If DC is going to keep doing big events maybe they should rethink the ideal of having it in the summer but instead pick another time of year to do so when Marvel is not release their big event.

Truth be told I am not sure why the big events still usually happen in the summer. Sure I understood why they used to be in the summer. It was the time period of highest sales due to kids being home from school. But giving that today most of the comic readers are adults and spending is pretty steady throughout the year I don’t see why the big two still focus their events to come out during the summer.

Do them in the spring or fall instead.

But back to DC. The reason I say they should think about going off season is because they usually don’t come out on top when they try to go toe-to-toe with Marvel. By putting out a big event series when Marvel isn’t you nearly insured that you will get the top spot in the sales charts.

And when Marvel switches it’s game plan to have it’s event to come out whatever new season you did last you can just switch and put out your events at yet another time of year.

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