Sunday, July 27, 2008

DC gets a new Milestone

the character from the Milestone comic book company will now be part of the DC universe.

I'm a bit mixed on this news.

one part of me is jumping up and down because I loved (ok still love) the comics that Milestone made in the 90s.

But I am a sad because I'm a little nervous that way heroes of color get treated in comics sooner or later a crappy writer will get their hands on a milestone character and jack them up.

and on the business end I wondering does this mean the guys who owned milestone sold their characters to dc? Does this mean one of the first Black comic book companies is no longer black owned.


Dwayne said...

DC Comics has only licensed the Milestone characters. Milestone Media still solely owns the characters, and Derek Dingle and I still own Milestone, 100%.

Dwayne McDuffie
Co-Owner and Founder
Milestone Media

Martin Jackson said...

Thanks for clearing up the news.

and I'm glad to see the return of the Milestone characters