Friday, July 11, 2008

folks at Stan Lee Media try to make theirs I mean make marvel theirs

James Nesfield and other shareholders of Stan Lee Media (but not Stan Lee himself) are suing Marvel saying that they hold a financial interest in the characters Stan Lee created for Marvel.

Motley fools point out that this may all be due to a miss understanding when Lee said that when is contracted with Marvel was cancelled in 98 (when Marvel when bankrupt) he could do whatever he want.

More likely it he meant that he could now work for other companies outside of Marvel.

But he people behind the lawsuit seemed to think that the ownership when back to Stan.

Of course even if that was true, there is a big difference about the rights of the characters going back to Stan Lee and them going to a company he started, but no longer is in charge of.

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dfu said...

Stan does not have to still be the head of the company for Stan Lee Media to assert its rights.

Marvel voided his lifetime agreement in bankruptcy. He signed an agreement with SLM and then signed virtually the same agreement with Marvel a month later. When Stan sued Marvel in 2002, despite what he is now saying in the press, he claimed rights. He is, of course, supporting Marvel now because he got over 10 mil and 10% of profits, while screwing SLM investors.