Monday, June 16, 2008

Marvel and DC please take a break from crossovers

Recently it seems that the big two have been running endless crossovers back to back.

I have to be honest I feel a bit burned out about them, actually to be honest I’ve been pretty much burned out on crossovers for nearly a decade and that was when the big two only had big company wide crossover events once a year.

But now they seem to be having crossovers back to back with out a break. Screw back to back DC has just finished a year long crossover event and that was just to kick off another crossover event.

But it doesn’t even end there.

Marvel and DC not only have endless crossovers they also have lots of spin off specials and mini-series to tie into them.

I know they do them because they make money. The crossovers are usually at the top of the sells chart and they can give a boost to the titles in the crossover. BUT CAN THEY GIVE IT A REST!!!

I’m not saying they should never do a crossover but please give us a break.

DC and Marvel can you gives us 5 years with out a crossover. Hell if that’s to long how about a year or two.

Just let the creative teams us this time to tell good stories and allow them to do so organically.

Take all the time and money you guys use on the crossovers and use them to do other things. Example all the resource the company uses to hype their crossover event can be used to hype their normal titles.

The time used on plotting their next crossover and how it will effect the their other books could be used in coming up with new ideals for comics. Maybe think of things that will reach new audiences or at the least give the fans sometime good to read.

I know, I know it’s just a pipe dream but sometimes I wonder if sooner or later enough fans will be like me and just get tired of all of these crossovers.

Already I know of many people who don’t read the crossovers (or at least stop buying them in the middle of the their runs because they didn’t like them)

Many of the countdown crossover titles didn’t sell that well.

And even because people are spending so much money on the crossovers, some fans have cut back on their other titles.

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