Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why the comic book industry is like the American car industry

I think a large part of this has to do with the fact that I am from Michigan but for a long time I have notice a few big similarities between the American auto industry and the American comic book industry.

I know it might sound crazy at first but let look at it.

They were both invented in America and become popular world wide, to start off with but that is not what I see that makes them similar.

No the similarities are see are much oblique, because I was not around for there heydays but instead long sense they have passed by.

And that’s where I see their similarities, they both are doing poorly for similar reasons.

Both cars and comics have a problem with adopting to what the people want and in doing have lost lots of market share.

The American car industry likes to make big cars. When I was a kid in the 80’s they where slow to realize the market for power cars was going down, which lead the room for smaller Japanese cars to come into the American market.

They then where slow to realize the demand for small eco-friendly cars and focus mainly on SUVs and again paid the price when people started to by Japanese cars.

For the comic industry the big car is the superhero book. Many retailers and publisher focused so much on the superhero book that they let other genre all but die out.

For years the comic book has been losing readers and in the past decade the Japanese have came in and grab much of the market that the American comic book industry could have been reaching out to.

Luckily both industries have been trying to make changes. The American car industry has been focusing on smaller greener cars and there many comic book publishers that print non-cape books.

The sad thing is one wonders if they can ever get their new heydays or not.

I hope they will but like I said I’m a comic book nerd in Michigan and having both industries back at the top would be a great thing for me.

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