Saturday, June 28, 2008

OK the Manga market is over flooded…so what’s next?

Ok recently Tokyo Pop had to make cuts in its line of manga and their staff.

The reason is a combination of the economy doing badly and also the fact that Tokyo Pop flooded the market with it’s manga and manga like products, such as the American made manga and comics from other Asian countries.

The bad economy couldn’t be helped but the later is something that happens in the comic book industry time after time. When a market gets big everyone jumps into and floods the market. Even though Tokyo Pop was an early adopter into the American manga market they did extend their line widely because of the success of manga as other people where also trying to cash in the manga craze (such as DC’s CMX line) and it seems like they might be the first to take a hit.

Now I don’t think this is the end of the market for manga titles in America, in fact far from it. I just think right now is a time for a correction.

Looking back similar things have happened time and time again in the comic industry. In the 80’s there was a boom of black and white comics. After the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the market was flooded with B & W comics and after a while that market crashed. Now Black and White comics didn’t go away, they are still a mainstay, they are just not as big a force as they where.

And then in the 90’s the market was flooded with a bunch of new comic book companies, most of which where super hero lines. Even though most of these companies are now gone, super heroes are still around and there are still even some that are being done by people outside of the big 2.

Which makes me wonder since manga looks like it’s cooling off and is no longer the hot new thing everyone wants to jump on and now just a format/genre like any other, I wonder what will be the next thing everyone wants to jump on and over flood the market.

There might be some time before we can tell. Those type of books may or may not already be on the market.

Right now it could be anything. Horror comics, Furries, Slice of life, or prawn porn.

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