Thursday, June 12, 2008

stalwrat cover

a while back I found some comics I did when I was a kid (I think I did these while I was in Jr. High) and thought I will post bits of them up from time to time.

now I have to warn you that these comics are crappy, they look like they were done by a kid...mainly because they where done by a kid.

which is why I am going to name the tags for these comics crappy comics I did as a kid.

because these are just comics I did as a kid I don't really feel like digitaly inking them so I am only going to post pencil drawings (though I will try to see if I can easily make them a dark enought to read)

to start off I'll post the cover for my anthology comic that I created for my younger self called stalwrat:

more to come sooner or later

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